Spend less time on day-to-day chores and get better results 

Ad creation and testing

Create multiple ads with one click — just upload pictures, texts and headlines and get all possible combinations.

Save hours of work by getting all ad variations instantly.


Split your campaign to see detailed data on your audience.

See performance results for different genders, ages or geos. Reallocate budgets to the best segments to maximize profits.

A/B and multivariative testing

Find best ads, audiences and sources — see all statistics in one interface.

Test your ads on different audiences and find best combinations.

Conversions and CPAs where you need them

See your conversions, funnels and CPA’s in our interface for quick review and management.

Unified analytics

See all data across all sources, campaigns and ads.

Compare performance and make informed decisions.

Unified analytics
Extended audience performance analytics

Gather deeper information for precise management: see breakdown by

Audience performance
We are integrated with all major mobile tracking systems and Google Analytics, s2s integration and postback are also available.

Optimization rules to automate everyday management:

Built-in rules — we’ve created a set or rules to get you started

Custom rules — create your own rules for total control

Optimization beyond standard abilities of other platforms
If CPA is within your limits, you can get more by slightly increasing your bid
Performance alerts

Get notified when your metrics change. This will allow you not to miss anything important

Actionable insights

Manage your ads directly from reports: see all CPA and other performance indicators of different ads and segments.

Performance alerts
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