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Mobile advertising management tool

Releadgion - a self-service media buying platform with diverse traffic sources. Less bureaucracy thanks to aggregation. Cuts budget spending via trigger rules. Consolidates reports.
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First platform to unite key mobile traffic sources.

MyTarget, and diverse services




Native ads in News Feed and Facebook Audience Network




Google Display Network



We are working on including additional sources: Twitter, iAd, RTB-systems, programmatic platforms.

What’s inside

Less bureaucracy. Faster campaign management. Thanks to:

  • instant budget transfer between traffic sources;
  • unified campaign creation wizard;
  • mass actions with ads;
  • consolidation of aggregated statistics.
    Video wrapper
    Ad campaign creation for different sources
    Automatic optimization

    Allows to cut budget spending via trigger rules.

    Rules automatically:

    • edit bids for ads;
    • turn off ineffective ads;
    • make sure the CPA target is followed.
    Screen 2
    Trigger rules will increase the bid if CPA decreases
    • by traffic source

    • by each ad

    • by age and gender

    • by region
    Screen 3 1
    By source results from impression to install
    Screen 3 2
    Activity chart by each ad
    Screen 3 3
    Men or women. Older or younger
    Screen 3 4
    Cost and number of installs by geo
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